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A Map of former Dictatorship

(Last edited 1st of July 2022)

Omicron in Germany

Above is a map of Germany created by Eugyppius. On the right you can clearly see former DDR in lighter colors.

The map shows the current frequency of Omicron infections.

In former DDR people knows what oppression looks like. They have lived through dictatorship influenced by the Soviet Union.

Because of this people in the former DDR are more sceptical to propaganda from authorities. That has caused lower vaccination rates which in turn has created a higher rate of natural immunity.


Omicron infect vaccinated at a higher rate, a dependency for boosters has been created.

As you can see below the effect of the drug quickly wanes and soon goes into negative protection. Take special note about the time periods.


You can also see that natural immunity is stable and long lasting, in contrast to what authorities have said.

The tendency for 3 shots seems to be about the same as for two shots, when taking time passed after vaccination into consideration.

The comparison with 3 shots is useless since it only shows data for vaccination given within 1 month and above 1 month, which in most cases are 5-6 weeks after the booster, at the peak of the effect.


Why different time periods are compared in a deceptive manner, to make boosters look good, I do not know.

Truth is not something we construct, it's something absolute we find when we unbiased examine all information.

In Christ,

John Tibell

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