Continue With the Jabs to Avoid Death?

(Last edited 6th of November 2021)

A Future Dystopia?

The graph below is for the overall mortality rate in the United Kingdom, 10-59 years old. These are real historical numbers. Not a prediction.

What's interesting and unique with these mortality rates is that they're divided into unvaccinated, vaccinated with one shot and double vaccinated. We can therefore see how the overall health changes with each shot.

It was not a good idea to take the first shot. The mortality among those who did are already much higher than for the unvaccinated.

The health for the double vaccinated are getting worse and their mortality rate will soon pass the unvaccinated. Keep in mind that the mortality rates includes Covid-19 deaths.

The mortality rate for the double vaccinated will most likely also pass the single vaccinated but it will take more time.

The lines above are scary. It looks like we might create a depency on new shots to keep the health up. As with all drugs the effect will likely be less with each new shot.

I would not be surprised if we reach a point when our authorites will say that we must continue with the jabs to avoid death.

Looks like it's better to stop now and pray?

God bless you!

In Christ,

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