How dare you?

(Last edited 2nd of February 2023)

The question to my users

I occasionally get angry emails from people who seem well educated, judging by all the titles in their footers. They write things like this:

"How dare you ask for money; these messages should be free!"

Every time I get one of those, I ask myself, "Should we not eat or have roof over our heads because I develop apps for the Lord?"

All of the messages are free. You can listen to them within the app or download the audio to your own device. They're also free to share. No donation is needed.

I'm also wondering if this is how the Church treats those who try to serve, or is it persecution because we're not associated with any of the "approved" organizations?

I don't know, but as a result, I recently decided to run a poll in all of my apps to see what my users thought.

Below are the results from the poll.

It looks like about 16% agree with those angry men. I should work, pay for servers, and cover all other expenses while starving my family.

The first few years, I actually did that (except starving my family), but I'm no longer able to do it. We now need the Church's help, and that should not be a bad thing.

Cluttering the apps with ads seems wrong in so many ways. It is also almost impossible to control all aspects of which ads are shown by Google. 

Starting to charge a small monthly fee from all users is also wrong. That way, we exclude those who are unable to pay for whatever reason.

I could start paying for it all if I became a millionaire again, but that doesn't seem feasible right now.

Fortunately, it appears that 65% of people agree with me, or should I say, with Scripture.

Voluntary donations is the way to go.

And how could you know about us and what we do unless I made it known in the apps?

God bless you all!


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