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IRS, will you steal our money?

(Last edited 27th of July 2022)

IRS backlog...

I called the IRS today again. The first few calls ended up with the usual "Thank you...too much now...good bye!".

Then I made a mistake, pushed number 4 two times instead of one. That mistake allowed me to get through to a real person.

It was of course the wrong person but he managed to put me in the correct waiting queue, bypassing the system. I was thanking God for it.

I was then told that the waiting time were 30-60 minutes. After waiting for 126 minutes the call was interrupted by some error message and I was set back to start over with the initial "maze".

Not only do we lose money and time when we make these calls, I feel physically ill every time.

IRS made the decision to refund my money in November 2019.

I sold some land in Alaska two years earlier and the rules dictate that a percentage from foreigners must be kept in case I sold the property with a profit.

I didn't, I sold at a loss and I told them the truth about my status as a foreign citizen, against the advice from the escrow agent.

Because of the rule the escrow agent had to send some of the money to IRS which I then had to hire an expensive tax lawyer to get back.

It never was their money.

I'm now unable to contact IRS and I can't get information online since my case is too old.

I told my son Benjamin about the call today and he asked me this:

Will they just steal your money then?

I don't know, will they? Should I just accept it and move on?

What would happen to me if I didn't pay my taxes? Would I go unpunished?

Is there anyone out there who can help us get the money sent to us without paying for another expensive tax lawyer?

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God bless you!

In Christ,

John Tibell

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