Massive Prayer Needed!

(Last edited 21st of October 2022)

New Immigration Law in Paraguay

Tickets to Mexico

We were going to book tickets to Mexico today, but had to change our plans.

Almost all flights to Mexico go through the United States. There are a few (expensive ones) who don't.

The United States still requires a V-Card for all foreign nationals, even for those who only transit through.

For now, we can't afford the more expensive tickets. Please pray.

UPDATE! - There are direct flights from Auckland to Santiago, Chile. Then there are direct flights from Santiago to Asuncion, Paraguay. It would be a great option for our family. The flight to Santiago would cost more than we have right now, unless someone makes a major contribution very soon. The upside is that the total flight cost, if including the final leg to Paraguay, would be about the same or less. Click here to support our move!

New Immigration Law in Paraguay

The new immigration law was signed by the president on October the 18th. Most thought that this would not happen until next year.

I'm trying to understand how it will affect us and have learned a couple of things.

It is still not completely clear what the actual requirements will be. We've been told that we will probably know more on Monday, Paraguayan timezone.

There have also been a couple of additions to the law, such as the one below:

"In the event of a health alert declared by the Ministry of Public Health and Social Welfare in the event of the occurrence of pandemics, epidemics or serious diseases of mass propagation, the authorities of the Ministry of Public Health and Social Welfare shall request the cooperation of the National Directorate of Migration so that health officials can exercise the medical control and health care required by nationals and foreigners entering Paraguayan territory, in accordance with the surveillance measures and health responses provided for by the aforementioned Ministry or the International Health Regulations of the World Health Organization."

The reason for the change of the law is stated here:

"Law 6984/2022 establishes a new legal order aimed at the modernization of national migration management and the hierarchization of the Institution in charge of its application, attending to the recommendations issued by the competent international organizations in the matter for the effective fulfillment of the policies public in the field of migration."

I find this a bit worrying. It looks like it's a preparation for the future role/rule of WHO in Paraguay.

I write this with a heavy heart. I didn't want to ever touch this topic again, but it was thrown in my face and I believe I have an obligation to share.

Since we're convinced that the Lord wants us in Paraguay, we will not let this change our plans.

Our final destination and eternal home is heaven.

Please pray for us.


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