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Mate ma'a Sīsū Kalaisi?

(Last edited 25th of October 2022)

Mate ma'a Tonga

Today is an important day in Tonga and almost all Tongans are involved.

The Tongan rugby team will play against the New Zealand rugby team.

The name of the Tongan rugby team is "Mate ma'a Tonga', which means "Die for Tonga".

Our reply when we hear it is always "Mate ma'a Sīsū Kalaisi!", which means "Die for Jesus Christ!".

That's someone worth to die for!

Nothing wrong with celebrations or sports but we just can't have fun knowing where Tonga is heading, unless the nation repent and turn to Christ again.

Below is a scene that I wish was just a rare incident but it's not. Scenes like this and worse is common here.

This for a disease that we have known for long is harmless for healthy children.

Please pray for Tonga.

In Christ,

John Tibell

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