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Sinful Permissions?

(Last edited 4th of August 2022)

Sin will chain you

If you are monitored, distracted and sold when you read the Bible, it's time to get another Bible.

I knew it was bad but this article about "Unholy Privacy Policies" opened up my eyes even more. It is a bit old but things seems to be almost the same, 3 years later. I suggest you read it.

For example, all of the King James Bible apps that I checked on Google Play had ads. Most of them also collect and share your personal information. Some of them even do it in a sneaky way.

The most popular Bible app, all categories, don't have ads, but they do a lot of things with your personal information.

Their Data Safety declaration, the part that says which information they collect, is below.

I don't believe they have an evil intent but when a large amount of data is stored and processed there is always a chance that it will be stolen, sold or shared with law enforcement.

Why should you care?

You don't want to be distracted when you read the Word of God and your privacy is extremely important in a time when we see increased persecution of Christians.

If data is stored online somewhere, it is always possible to hack and steal it.

Large organizations are often forced to share information with governments. It happens over and over again. Below are examples from the Privacy Policy for the most downloaded Bible app.

They have committed to follow this. What would happen if they're forced to, for example, share your notes and references about homosexuality?

Times change rapidly. What was unthinkable only 3 years ago has become the norm today.

Data has always been used to control people by authoritarian governments. We live in a time when more data about you is collected than ever, even by the Bible apps you use online.

Don't accept it. Switch to an alternative that don't collect your data, don't distract you, is free to share and don't have any copyright restrictions.

None of my Bible apps have ads. I don't collect, share or store your data. They're working completely offline and all data is stored locally in an encrypted database. You can choose to delete all your data by just removing the app.

An example of a Data Safety declaration for one of my Bible apps is below.

...and below an example of a Privacy Policy for my Bible apps.

All my Bible apps can be found on Break Every Yoke, read more about the project on this link.

In Christ,

John Tibell

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