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Sleepwalking into Tyranny

(Last edited 13th of May 2022)

Sleepwalking into Tyranny

15-20 years ago people thought we were crazy when we talked about the Mark of The Beast, today many react with apathy. Others see it as an idea that can't be that bad when comparing it to all the evil we have in this World.

I'm fairly certain that the Mark of The Beast will be presented as THE solution for our planet. If we just get everybody marked and controlled we will solve everything from diseases to crimes.

There will be huge campaigns hammering this message into our conscience and in various ways we're already getting used to the idea, whether we like it or not.

What many don't realize is that when we become one with a loveless system we become like the system(beast). We exchange our life for simple existence, away from God.

You can already see how conformity has grown online. In mainstream forums most people are unable to see things from another perspective. They've been programmed. It's like fighting hords of drones, incapable of love and independent thought.

Anything that resembles to a Mark of The Beast system, as described in the Bible, is evil.

Why? Because God says so in His Word.

This is the most important reason to why we said no to the Covid vaccine and v-card. That's also why we use cash as much as possible and why we don't own mobile phones that is attached to us all the time.

God wants us to be occupied by Him and His Spirit, be attentive to what He says and what He wants us to do in every situation of our lives.

If we're constantly giving away our attention to screens, and our rights to a dead system(beast), we're losing God's presence.

Why would we, as disciples of Jesus Christ, do that?

In Christ,

John Tibell

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