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The Book of Revelation Dramatized

(Last edited 1st of September 2022)

John, writing the Revelation

I've recently finished a new Android app, The Book of Revelation with dramatized audio!

Revelation is a book I've been reading a lot lately and I really recommend that you listen to this dramatized version.

Revelation means "an act of revealing or communicating divine truth". What previously has been hidden for us is now being revealed more and more by God through the Book of Revelation.

I believe that everything will be revealed, when the time is right. There will be no doubt about the meaning of what the book says.

God don't complicate things with advanced doctrines. He is making it plain and simple to understand, for all. He is fair and He is the one doing the revealing through His prophetic Word, not man.

Some things that were hard to understand just a century ago is now completely understandable.

I also plan to create an app for The Book of Acts with dramatized audio as I believe that is another book that deserves some extra attention in the times we live in. The Church has to get back to it's roots.

We need to get back to the simple gospel, drop all man-made advanced teachings, philosophies and doctrines. We need to live the Word in our lives, nothing else will do.

Perhaps I will continue with the entire Bible, we'll see.

God bless you!

In Christ,

John Tibell

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