The Pandemic of The Vaccinated

(Last edited 5th of November 2021)

The Pandemic of The Vaccinated

On October 31st the premier of Western Australia, Mark McGowan, said this.

"Our hospitals are under enormous pressure."

"This is the same in Tasmania, South Australia, New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria."

"Enormous Pressure. This has been something no-one has ever seen before. The growth in demand in our hospitals."

"Why it is is hard to know - except that there is some evidence that there's some sort of delayed reaction to Covid."

Below are the numbers of positive cases for Coronavirus in Western Australia

There are no cases of Covid in Western Australia. In fact, there have only been 2 positive tests for Coronavirus in the last month.

McGowan also said:

"If we could get the people who should be in aged care homes, out of hospitals, and into aged care that would help a lot.."

"And there's another 200 or so people who should be in NDIS disability facilities who are stuck in hospital beds, and they can't find a spot for them."

There has been a rapid vaccination campaign in Western Australia. The vaccination campaign started with the elderly and those with comorbidities.

Elderly and disabled are now stuck in hospital beds.

If we base our decisions on truth, we will find better solutions.

Maybe it's time for the general population to ask why the truth is suppressed?

God bless you!

In Christ,

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