The Vaccine Patch, Our Savior?

(Last edited 8th of November 2021)

Bill Gates wants Billions to Play Germ Games

The German minister of Health recently said that in the future everyone should be offered a booster shot of COVID-19 vaccine six months after receiving their previous injection.

"This should become the norm, not the exception," - said Jens Spahn

At the same time Bill Gates is out "lobbying", making people scared, to get more money to implement his ideas. Bill would like to see a Task Force at the WHO level, which is doing the pandemic surveillance. He would also like to play Germ Games.

"The nice thing is a lot of the R&D we need to do to be ready for the next pandemic are things like making vaccines cheap, having big factories, eradicating the flu, getting rid of the common cold, making vaccines just a little patch you put on your arm, things that will be incredibly beneficial even in the years when we don’t have pandemics,"

When Bill Gates says a "little patch on your arm" he refers to his Quantum dot solution or something similar.

If this is allowed to continue, within a few years the vaccine subscription service will be phased out and replaced with this "new" solution, funded by us, controlled by Bill Gates and partners.

The vaccine patch will be more conveniant and it will offer additional advantages, besides not getting constantly jabbed.

It is possible that the health of the global population, at this time, are deteriorating, because of the Covid-19 vaccines.

The new solution will be presented as a relief and people will stand in line to get it.

By his actions, Bill Gates claims to know better than our almighty Creator. Unless something stops this madness we might soon witness prophecy fulfilled.

Revelation 16:2

"The first angel went and poured out his bowl on the land, and ugly and painful sores broke out on the people who had the mark of the beast and worshiped his image."

Will you participate or will you put your faith in God?

God bless you!

In Christ,

John Tibell

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