You are not a real Christian

(Last edited 28th of October 2022)

The Word of God

Lisa H just wrote this to me:

"You are not a real Christian. True Christians use their brain for rational thinking. True Christians also understand and appreciate the validity of science."

I guess Lisa was provoked by what I wrote yesterday, praising God for His providence.

This was "science" a year ago...

To be ruled by lies and fear is not rational.

A real Christian worships the Savior, not his/her own mind.

Romans 1:21-31

"21 because even though they knew God, they did not praise him or thank him, but instead their thinking about God turned into complete foolishness, and darkness filled their empty minds.

22 Even though they claimed to be wise, they became foolish.

23 They exchanged the glory of the immortal God for idols, images of mortal human beings, birds, animals, and reptiles.

24 So God abandoned them to the evil desires of their depraved minds, and they did shameful, degrading things to each other.

25 They exchanged God's truth for a lie, worshiping and serving creatures instead of the Creator, who deserves praise forever. Amen.

26 That's why God abandoned them to their evil desires. Their women exchanged natural sex for that which is unnatural,

27 and in the same way the men gave up sex with women and burned with lust for each other. Men did indecent things to each other, and as a result they suffered the inevitable consequences of their perversions.

28 Since they didn't consider it worthwhile to get to know God, he abandoned them to their worthless, distrustful way of thinking, doing things that should never be done.

29 They filled themselves with all that's wrong: evil, greed, hate, envy, murder, quarreling, deception, malice, and gossip.

30 They're back-stabbers and God-haters. They're arrogant, proud, and boastful. They devise new ways of sinning. They rebel against their parents.

31 They don't want to understand, they don't keep their promises, they don't show any kindness or compassion."

Perhaps the solution to our problems can be found in the Bible, not in our own minds?

Science can be a great tool if we don't compromise it with lies, fear, and greed.

Science was depraved in this pandemic.

God is still good. Turn to Him.

God bless you!

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