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Jesus died for our sins on the cross, at Golgata He broke every yoke! As His disciples we have been called to share the gospel to every tribe on Earth! Invest in eternity, share His Word, support my work!

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Bank: Bank of South Pacific Vanuatu
Account number: 2000749099
Account name: John Magnus Tibell

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We currently live in Tonga, the cost is about USD $50 to cash a check here. Keep that in mind before using this option.

John Magnus Tibell
PO Box 1
Neiafu, Vava'u
Kingdom of Tonga


Bitcoin: 16YtPZRwNss2BPi6imBwMnUTpXu2qFYYJb
Bitcoin Cash: qqualvk5s34l8t0vljdla5cv6xwm7l9kag5j8s45n9
Ethereum: 0x6c1Eb66d422f56Db9C9B82C26BB0BDcdddC2F8A9

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Sorry, we're currently unable to receive donations by credit card, unless you use Patreon. No other payment gateways support this for Tonga where we currently live. If you find an alternative, please let me know!

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John Tibell
PO Box 1
Neiafu, Vava'u
Kingdom of Tonga


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