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Good bye Switzerland, Hello Sweden! (21st of April, 2023)

We have found a house! (11th of April, 2023)

We're going to Sweden next week! (3rd of April, 2023)

Can God change plans? This surprised us all... (30th of March, 2023)

One step closer to Paraguay! (17th of March, 2023)

Mysterious Reasons For Suffering (16th of March, 2023)

Torben Sondergaard: 250 days in jail (13th of March, 2023)

Fruit. (25th of February, 2023)

The King who shouts in your heart (18th of February, 2023)

We will bring a sack of Gold Coins with us! (15th of February, 2023)

Timothy "Sweeti" Tibell (7th of February, 2023)

Please pray for us! (3rd of February, 2023)

How dare you? (2nd of February, 2023)

Snow in Greece (1st of February, 2023)

Thank you Maria-Eleni! (24th of January, 2023)

I was wrong... (19th of January, 2023)

Why does God allow this? (14th of January, 2023)

Your last chance to help us to Paraguay! (12th of January, 2023)

11 are now 10... (3rd of January, 2023)

Family Reunion and Merry Christmas! (25th of December, 2022)

Thank you! Next Paraguay! (23rd of December, 2022)

Our passports are ready for pickup! (22nd of December, 2022)

God provides Fish, Milk and more! (20th of December, 2022)

Ekklēsia vs. Oikoumene (17th of December, 2022)

No Mac mini this time (12th of December, 2022)

To Mac or not to Mac? (10th of December, 2022)

Thank you and God bless you all! (7th of December, 2022)

A Bucket of Delicious Mandarins! (5th of December, 2022)

The Best Oranges in the World! (3rd of December, 2022)

Yes, Paul sailed through here! (25th of November, 2022)

My new office in Greece (22nd of November, 2022)

Today is the DAY! (15th of November, 2022)

Got the emergency passports! (14th of November, 2022)

Our passports arrives with a huge shaking! (12th of November, 2022)

Strong 7.3 Earthquake in Tonga (12th of November, 2022)

No more gas... (10th of November, 2022)

Emergency Passports Sent! (7th of November, 2022)

You will have tribulation (4th of November, 2022)

Greek Salad and Swedish Passports! (1st of November, 2022)

Birthday Present from Kezia! (1st of November, 2022)

The Glory of God! (29th of October, 2022)

You are not a real Christian (28th of October, 2022)

Banned from the United States (27th of October, 2022)

Good News from Paraguay! (26th of October, 2022)

Massive Prayer Needed! (21st of October, 2022)

Applications for Emergency Passports submitted! (19th of October, 2022)

Can you spot the words on the walls? (18th of October, 2022)

Did you do this? (16th of October, 2022)

All Glory to God! (14th of October, 2022)

Hola Mexico! (11th of October, 2022)

Coordination number issued for Timothy! (7th of October, 2022)

Playing with lego in Ha'alalo (6th of October, 2022)

Ten Big Dogs and a Merciful Plumber (5th of October, 2022)

Answer to Prayers! (4th of October, 2022)

We Got Shelter and Food! (29th of September, 2022)

Timothy Registered! (28th of September, 2022)

Doors Opened for a Quick Move! (26th of September, 2022)

Living by Faith (25th of September, 2022)

I don't like this bathroom...! (23rd of September, 2022)

Please Read The Updates! (21st of September, 2022)

Waiting for God (20th of September, 2022)

Volcanic activity increasing (18th of September, 2022)

We're leaving on Monday! (16th of September, 2022)

New Immigration Law in Paraguay (15th of September, 2022)

New Zealand removes Vaccine and Mask requirements (14th of September, 2022)

Our Fundraiser Selected by GiveSendGo!!! (13th of September, 2022)

I used to be a millionaire... (12th of September, 2022)

Church, THIS IS IT! Tonga Visa Waiver! (9th of September, 2022) ❤️

The Book of Acts Dramatized (6th of September, 2022)

A Word from Jesus (5th of September, 2022)

The Walls of Jericho came tumbling down (3rd of September, 2022)

The Book of Revelation Dramatized (1st of September, 2022)

Many newborn babies dies in Tonga (23rd of August, 2022)

Can it be sweeter? (19th of August, 2022)

The Volcano Exploded... (18th of August, 2022) ❤️

Take notice Tonga(and others) (10th of August, 2022)

More Free Offline Bible Apps added! (8th of August, 2022)

All Gifts Added to GiveSendGo! (6th of August, 2022)

It's time. (5th of August, 2022)

Sinful Permissions? (4th of August, 2022)

Travel Restrictions Removed for Vava'u! (2nd of August, 2022)

New and Upgraded Bible Apps (30th of July, 2022)

I don't like asking for help... (28th of July, 2022)

IRS, will you steal our money? (27th of July, 2022)

Smallpox Vaccine Approved for Monkeypox (26th of July, 2022)

Monkeypox declared a global emergency by WHO (25th of July, 2022)

Perversion At The Schoolhouse Door (22th of July, 2022)

Thank You! (20th of July, 2022)

The Tongan Spy Revealed! (15th of July, 2022)

Search for Love! (14th of July, 2022)

GiveSendGo Fundraiser Now live! (12th of July, 2022)

Freedom Fights Back! (11th of July, 2022)

Tonga borders slowly re-opening in August (8th of July, 2022)

Reunion in Vanuatu (6th of July, 2022)

A Map of former Dictatorship (1st of July, 2022)

New Hope When an Old Hope Dies (30th of June, 2022)

The Day I Preached To Nobody (29th of June, 2022)

Being a Pilgrim (29th of June, 2022)

Mate ma'a Sīsū Kalaisi? (25th of June, 2022)

Added PayPal to Donation page (24th of June, 2022)

Paraguay Fundraising App and WISE! (23rd of June, 2022)

A Word about masks... (22nd of June, 2022)

Paraguay Fundraising Page ❤️️ (18th of June, 2022)

Birth Certificate - Thank you for your prayers! (17th of June, 2022)

Support us with Cryptocurrency! (16th of June, 2022)

An Update About Paraguay, IRS and Vaccine Requirements (14th of June, 2022)

Bible Success in Tonga! (10th of June, 2022)

Another Blessing in The Middle of The Night! (8th of June, 2022)

Computer AND Internet! (2nd of June, 2022)

MPs to Sue Vanuatu Government Over Mandatory Vaccination (14th of May, 2022)

Sleepwalking into Tyranny (13th of May, 2022)

The Juice is Paraguay! (12th of May, 2022)

Just in time, only God knew! (27th of April, 2022)

Timothy 'Ofa Tibell (21st of April, 2022)

Lethal Injections (6h of April, 2022)

1,000 Hiroshima Bombs and Mark of The Beast Rehersal (30th of March, 2022)

We Are Now Gods? (11th of March, 2022)

I Did Reply! (2nd of March, 2022)

Update from family in Switzerland (11th of February, 2022)

Computer Crash... (11th of January, 2022)

Merry Christmas! (24th of December, 2021)

Vulcanic Eruption in Tonga (22th of December, 2021)

Omicron - The Beginning of The End? (10th of December, 2021)

Recognize the Signs (9th of December, 2021)

Holy Wrath (8th of December, 2021)

NEW APP: Pray for the World! (6th of December, 2021)

Always on Time, Never too Late! (23rd of November, 2021)

A Smallpox Terror Attack (11th of November, 2021)

Another Miracle and Gift from our Creator (10th of November, 2021)

Belgium: 100% of Patients in ICU are Vaccinated (9th of November, 2021)

The Vaccine Patch, Our Savior? (8th of November, 2021)

Continue With the Jabs to Avoid Death? (6th of November, 2021)

Having Fun with Lego (5th of November, 2021)

The Pandemic of The Vaccinated (5th of November, 2021)

Don't Send any Packages! (4th of November, 2021)

No Vaccination - No Banking (1st of November, 2021)

First Covid-19 Case in Tonga (29th of October, 2021)

13 Years Old and Vaccine Injured (27th of October, 2021)

Nick Vujicic shares an Important Message for Australia (27th of October, 2021)

Bill Gates: Not Enough Time For Safety Testing (25th of October, 2021)

12,700 Doctors & Scientists have Signed the Rome Declaration (23rd of October, 2021)

Quarantine Camps For The Unvaccinated (23rd of October, 2021)

Our Neighbour Victoria and Her Piglets (22nd of October, 2021)

White House Plans to Quickly Inject 28 Million Small Children (21st of October, 2021)

Can you explain this? (21st of October, 2021)

IMPORTANT! Please read. (19th of October, 2021)

Fiji Forcefully Inject Foreign Citizens (17th of October, 2021)

Multiple Superspreader Events in Italy Among The Unvaccinated (16th of October, 2021)

Taiwan: More Deaths From the Vaccine Than From Covid-19 (16th of October, 2021)

The Covid-19 Shot is at Least 130 Times More Deadly Than The Flu Shot (15th of October, 2021)

Google Gestapo is at it again (13th of October, 2021)

Keep standing! (12th of October, 2021)

Today is a heavy day... (12th of October, 2021)

Is this your future? (11th of October, 2021)

Evangelizing Google (9th of October, 2021)

Hallelujah! Moderna Stopped. (9th of October, 2021)

14 kg Lego (8th of October, 2021)

The Pandemic of The Unvaccinated... (7th of October, 2021)

Locked in until He returns? (4th of October, 2021)

Walking on Water again... (28th of September, 2021)

A Post Backfiring (14th of September, 2021)

Woodstock Joins the Family! (12th of September, 2021)

Water Everywhere! (11th of September, 2021)

Malachi Reading The Bible (10th of September, 2021)

Answer to Prayers! (9th of September, 2021)

12th Day Without Tap Water (8th of September, 2021)

Ready to be marked? (5th of September, 2021)

IMPORTANT - Censoring of my emails (16th of August, 2021)

Reply to Principal About Covid-19 Vaccination (11h of August, 2021)

Forced Vaccination in Tonga (9h of August, 2021)

Flutter, Violence, Lego and...Bananas! (26h of May, 2021)

Bananas, Bananas, Bananas and Watermelon (26h of Apr, 2021)

Walking On Water (13th of Mar, 2021)

337,468,070 Bible Pages (27th of Feb, 2021)

Heart Surgery Coming Up (11th of Feb, 2021)

Are You In? (29th of Jan, 2021)

Update About Nea's Heart (20h of Jan, 2021)

The Bible in Top 2 in Tonga (7th of Jan, 2021)

Blessed are they which... (13th of Dec, 2021)

Revival coming to Tonga? (3rd of Jan, 2021)

Nea diagnosed with Supraventricular Tachycardia (8th of Jan, 2021)

Merry Christmas! (24th of Dec, 2020)

Surprise Visit by Zazu, God Will Provide! (16th of Dec, 2020)

The Mysterious Banana Man Strikes Again! (5th of Dec, 2020)

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